To burn out one must first be on fire, and if at one time on fire, what quenched the flame? Where was the heat reflected and what perishable things were consumed in the wake of this fire? Was this fire given fuel and air once it was kindled?

Can a person say they have burnout when they simply had no flame in the first place?  I believe most people who experience burnout get little sympathy from others who never felt the fervor of having something burning within that must find a place to vent.  If life covers up the drafts our fire vents through– we burnout.  Smothered by life, by death and any given concoction of situations.

So we have passion and vision, but without a place to burn we die.


Author: woodtic

Coal Region Pastor in central Pennsylvania. One wonderful wife, five remarkable children and three grandchildren (so far). Mid life, love wood, woodwork, wood tools, traditional archery and things that need to be restored. Always have a dog, pick-up truck, motorcycle and some sort of tractor. Play guitar, pretend to be talented, like to write, but don't care to journal. Quit facebook three times.

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