The Uncomplicated Life — Always Returning Home

Drink white birch, go to church, type in “archery” then hit “search” Pizza supreme, Field of Dreams, big ol barn with wooden beams Ducks in creek, 4 day week, chirp your tires hear them squeak Silly poem, thoughtful gnome, birds feed just outside our home Smiling dog, croaking frog, red fox family inside log New […]

via The Uncomplicated Life — Always Returning Home

Author: woodtic

Coal Region Pastor in central Pennsylvania. One wonderful wife, five remarkable children and three grandchildren (so far). Mid life, love wood, woodwork, wood tools, traditional archery and things that need to be restored. Always have a dog, pick-up truck, motorcycle and some sort of tractor. Play guitar, pretend to be talented, like to write, but don't care to journal. Quit facebook three times.

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